Reclaim Indigenous Canada

Please visualize all people being gifted back their Motherlands. The lands were stolen originally. It’s time the land was returned to the people so all may enjoy health, happiness and harmony, return to pure body and mind, blissful soul and truth consciousness. We are a land of MANY nationsa nation within nations. 

I would like to share a dream with all peoples of Canada, the dream of pure body, mind and ever-immersed soul in bliss, truth and consciousness.

We have always been enlightened and our hearts are coded with this ancient wisdom, that includes co-creating a peaceful world that is founded upon land based teachings and learning systems that invite our children to teach, to share and to guide us back toward living in love, health, peace and harmony. – Anna

In joy let’s celebrate Canada Day by gathering on the land and in our gardens to co-create spaces of love and generate beautiful thoughts of goodness to be shared all over Canada and with our global sisters and brothers.

So much depends on YOU, citizen of Canada. You have gifted abilities and mental capacities to DREAM a different world and live it… as it is already here if it exists in your conscious mind. – Anastasia 

Rethink all that you think and believe about yourself, your country and the world around you. Allow yourself to FEEL the earth pulse and rhythms of nature, deeply feel to connect with this land that you call home. Re-establishing your feeling connection and relationship with the Earth Mother is an awesome act of power, a point of decision that serves both as a mirror and catalyst for awakening ancient wisdom and divine love within the heart.

Do you feel healthy? Do you feel happy? Do you feel nurtured by your community and by society to be your most natural and free self? Do you feel wealthy, not just monetarily but really wealthy, with an abundance of harmonious kind and meaningful relationships, healthy foods, a healthy body, peaceful existence, free time, work you love, and activities or hobbies you enjoy?

Or do you feel like you are a slave to the system? Do you feel oppressed, part of a rat race where you work to pay bills and maybe save some money to retire one day only to funnel all that you’ve saved back into the medical care system to restore the health and happiness that declined during the rat race? Is there justice in your world, equality, impartiality, neutrality, equanimity and fairness? Often I hear people say that is life, ‘life is not fair’, but I will gently argue that it is meant to be fair. Natural Law is fair, it is always just and an exact science, but we fight against nature, impose our own justice system and laws, and fail to recognize that there is something greater at play. Nature is our teacher and friend, our most reliable reflection for understanding the scales of balance and harmony. When we return to Nature, we return to the divine nature that we are. Are you strong and free?

Journey inward to find deeper insights. Flashes of your own intuition will show you the way to this Divine reconnection. Open your heart and mind. Your enlightenment is within your grasp. Understand what is happening beneath the surface of your normalized and conditioned perception. Self-study and research into the past is needed now in order to free the future. It is time to protect your birthright to enjoy health, happiness and harmony on this land. Attuning to your divine nature and connecting with your Motherland enhances your sense of wellbeing and therefore the wellbeing of Canada as a whole.

Now is the time to support your body-mind structuring, to remove all toxic debris and traumatic memories. It is time to become grounded and balanced both in body and in mind so that we, as a nation, might explore together new dimensions, other ways of being. Seek to find the under-lying causes of individual and collective dis-ease and out-dated soul imperatives that affect the health of society. Healing is found in the depths of your Self, and the land desires to support this healing. It is time to explore the taboos of this “great nation” and tread where generations before us have feared to tread.  

Cultivating a living relationship with the Earth and connecting with the consciousness of Motherland in your heart, will guide you back to divine place, soul purpose and belonging. It will awaken within you your giftedness; all the gifts your ancestors seeded with love – and the prayer for you to awaken this ancient coding; the wisdom inside you that understands, that knows we must act NOW to restore balance and harmony on Earth. When we embrace our divine gifts as human beings, we feel worthy and ready to serve the planet and live out our Divine Life Purpose as guardians, protectors and stewards of the Celestial Earth Mother.

This intention takes healing way back and brings forward the soul learning that is essential for creating a dynamic shift into the heart and centre of your being; the space of love within you that feels whole and complete, confident in who you are and where you came from, nourished by the Earth and spiritually connected to the Land.

Your relationship with the land, and therefore your personal roots is meant for nourishing all the goodness inside you, all your gifts of LOVE. It is your birthright to thrive and live blissfully on the land, in relationship with it – just as the Creator intended.

Please do deeply feel to comprehend the magnitude and power of this most important relationship and how it affects your health and happiness; the Earth IS your Mother and the Mother of us all, She is for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, Her land is for all to share equally. She desires that all Her children thrive – not just an elite few. 

Whether you connect within your heart only, or you do some reading and research back to the lands of your ancestors to learn about the people and culture there, how they lived off the land and in harmony with nature… however you choose to connect, The Motherland Inquisition is an important one for personal liberation and Self-realization. It will lift hidden blocks that prevent you from walking forward on your enlightened pathway, unlock inner doorways and gateways to your wildest dreams, and catalyze movement towards what is truth and what is real. It will open your heart to love and help you to realize your dreams for yourself and the world. The Motherland inquisition sheds light on your Sacred Gifts. Once you’ve embraced your Gifts and reclaimed to protect all that is Sacred within you and outside you, everything good is possible.

Looking into the past puts your present experience into perspective. YOU ARE A LINEAGE BREAKER. Make the effort to trace family history for deeper insight, and then reclaim your health and happiness and let Natural Law govern and guide you. Realize that all dis-ease and debt have been imposed through false systems… remember your sovereignty and THRIVE as a citizen of the Earth, as a child of God.   

Where is the Motherland of your heart and what does this mean to you? This is an important question for the citizens of this young country with a curiously hidden past and short history. It is easy to forget that we come from and have access to a root system and consciousness that reaches back much farther than 150 years. No doubt this quest involves acknowledging and processing some deeply rooted pain as the truth reveals itself throughout your journey back to LOVE, but my intention here is to share an idea; the idea that if we go far enough back, through and beyond the pain, we reach the goodness and remember how to LOVE. We uncover the ancient codes of the enlightened heart and realize ourselves as pure and peaceful souls.

BY LOOKING BACKWARD to find the original beauty and harmony on Earth – when peoples lived in peace – we actually look forward to the future of our planet restored to a pristine paradise where no one suffers from disease, for lack of healthy food and peaceful shelter… JUST AS LOOKING AHEAD to a future founded upon love, peace and equanimity transmutes any past stories that feed the pain-body of the planet and ourselves. What is important, is that we realize our part in co-creation. Which direction you choose to focus is up to you, forward or backward makes no difference when forward movement forgives and heals what is behind you, and backward movement gives knowledge and deeper understanding about what needs to change as you move ahead.

So please, I invite you to celebrate with me, your nationhood on this 150th Anniversary of Canada in the following positive ways:

  • HEAL YOURSELF and this nation within nations by shifting the energy of your Awareness to Goodness and the well-being of ALL.
  • Truth and reconciliation happens on the soul level of consciousness, not at the level of the ego and personality, identity and attachment to race, colour, cast or creed. All peoples must seek the truth within themselves and eventually reconcile their relationship with Mankind and the Earth.
  • Delve into the mysteries of your ancestors before they settled on “Canadian” soil. Seek to understand your heart, your personal root system, where your ancestors came from. Devote your energies towards feeling all the good things found there.
  • What do YOU innately know about the land and Nature’s Laws? What do you FEEL your ancestors did do to live in harmony with Nature? What are your innate skills and gifted abilities? This will give you clues about the skills and abilities of your people. How do you wish to serve others, your family and society? This will tell you the truth about the ancient ways people lived to maintain peaceful and harmonious order and relationship. What are your dances, songs, and crafting specialities? How do you wish to express your joy, devotion and gratitude for life? 
  • REMEMBER you are not only this short, rather deceptive history of a culturally stripped “Canada”. 
  • You are so rich with depth and meaning. You are made of the elements. The Earth is your Mother. RECLAIM your right to be here and your right to enjoy LIFE on Earth!!! Feel yourself to understand your wholeness… tap the TRUTH within you and realize who you truly are. Through your loving relationship with the LAND, you feel your amazing WORTH. 
  • LOVE YOURSELF wholeheartedly and honour your sacred gifts, skills and abilities for co-creating Spaces of Love on Earth.
  • REACH and QUEST for the Source of the Light that dreamed YOU here. You belong on the planet and you have a great purpose as a steward of the land and co-creator of world energies.
  • Reclaim your Motherland, whatever that means to you. This reclamation is not the same as the proud claim over excessive amounts of land for greed and power. This reclamation is the reclamation of your roots so as to connect with your Source and therefore your worthiness, your vitality, passion and life’s purpose. It is your birthright to experience love and joy each day. It is your birthright to live a happy, healthy and harmonious life on the land.  
  • SHED LIGHT on the good parts of who you are as a lineage breaker… and paradigm shifter… and co-creator. Meditate on the purity of your soul and celebrate your divinity.

It is up to each individual person in society to identify what did not get nurtured throughout their life (due to cause, condition and unfortunate circumstances), and then begin to nurture the self that feels the pain from that lack of attention toward the things that would have really mattered.

Our ancestors where oppressed and therefore repressed their goodness. They did the best that they could, in the best way that they knew how with the little resources and encouragement that they had to be happy and healthy individuals of society. TODAY, we are more aware of better ways. It is up to us to meet our own needs and become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. We must meet all the needs that where not met by our parents and grandparents, and give ourselves all the good things; the traditions, the arts, the songs and culture, the joy and the happy stories, and the wisdom about how to live in harmony with Nature and how to respect the Earth as Mother.

Each person must give to themselves what they needed but did not get. This is the most important work in order to move forward in our healing as a nation. This is the work that will end the consciousness of victimhood that keeps us stuck in a negative cycle, bound by man-made policies, dependant on oppressive (the bullies) false systems to tell us who we are – while at the same time blaming them (or someone else) for our position and lot in life.  

We can no longer look outside for the things we did not get; we can no longer look outside for belonging and love. We can no longer look only to governments for safety and security. We must grow ourselves-up and return to LOVE. It is time to be emotionally mature and responsible for our own lives and experiences… begin to walk a blameless life, become Self-sufficient, be STRONG and FREE, oh CANADA!   

Please visualize all people being gifted back their Motherlands. The lands were stolen originally. It’s time the land was returned to the people so all may enjoy health, happiness and harmony, return to pure body and mind, blissful soul and truth consciousness… WE ARE A LAND OF MANY GREAT NATIONS! 


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