Sound Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing with Robert Blackmore

Music & Sound Are Powerful Medicine

Different from other types of sound healing, the shamanic modality incorporates many elements that are, per se, shamanic in nature. The primary element is that of conducting a sacred ceremony around the sound healing session. No form of shamanic healing is ever conducted without ceremonially opening sacred space and setting a specific intention within the sacred space.

For shamans, all disease is ultimately the result of imbalances within the energy of our body; mental, spiritual, and physical energy. Robert uses different techniques and tools in a ceremonial setting such as guided meditation, visualization, hands-on (and off) energy work, plus the sound of his voice and impressive collection of Tibetan singing bowls to send you through an altered state of consciousness into healing.

The first benefit you can expect to receive is a more relaxed state of mind and feelings of stress leaving the body.

  • promotes relaxation throughout
  • initiates and supports self healing abilities
  • provides relief from depression and anxiety
  • increases focus and work productivity
  • alleviates sleep disorders and insomnia
  • lowers blood pressure
  • promotes a clam and balanced mind
  • right and left brain balancing
  • releases energetic blockages
  • stimulates cellular detox
  • aligns chakras and cleanses the auric field
  • increases immune function
  • reduces pain, inflammation and stress in the body


What is Sound Healing?

The most fundamental element of the human being is the cell.

The simplest way of communicating with the cells are through vibration. External vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. When tapping a single bowl placed on the body, which consists of more than 70% water, the sound transmitted will cause the cell to resonate. The sound waves spread, as the concentric waves from a stone dropped in a pond spread, into larger and larger circles through blood, flesh, organ and even bones relaxing them at the same time, harmonizing and energizing them. In this way, more than 100 trillion cells that are the building blocks of the human body are receiving a gentle cell massage.

Sound can also release energy blockages throughout the mind, body and spirit.

Any sound affects the nervous system which in turn affects every cell in the body. The bowl vibrations are soothing enough to calm the nervous system, yet powerful enough to travel deep into the body to penetrate the bones. Vibration can move into places you could never touch with your hands, to effect a healing that would be very difficult to recreate otherwise. It is a combination between the sound of the bowl through the ear, over the ear drum and into the brian and the vibration of the bowl through the flesh of the body that causes the harmonizing, de-stressing effects of the bowls.

The Sound Healing Practitioner… taps the bowls in certain rhythms creating an entrancing energy. When inner harmony is disturbed, we lose our equilibrium. Every day stress makes us prone to illness and impairs our quality of life. Through sound healing / therapy, this gentle yet deeply penetrating and effective cellular massage – such tensions, and blockages in the mind, body, and soul can be gently loosened.

The benefits of Sound Therapy are many, and in today’s age of hurried lives, stress and anxiety, can have an immediate and positive impact on your life. Since your organs, tissues, and cells all vibrate at various frequencies of sound, using sound to heal and relieve stress makes a lot of sense.

Sound therapy goes much deeper than a general sense of well-being. Many ailments and chronic conditions you may have been told must be accepted as permanent parts to your life can be helped.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

In terms of PHYSICAL well-being, sound and music therapy can help with the following:

  • Higher levels of energy
  • Sense of balance & direction improved
  • Fewer headaches
  • Lessening of sensitivity to particular sounds
  • Relief from chronic tiredness
  • Relieve the sensation of shortness of breath or tightness in the chest

EMOTIONAL benefits include:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Less frustration
  • Improved ability to relax
  • Improvement in overall “mood”
  • Improved patience
  • Better ability to communicate and interact with others
  • Improved ability to express emotions

MENTAL benefits include:

  • Brain “fog” dissipates
  • More motivated in life
  • Improved ability to listen to new ideas with an open mind
  • Better organization skills
  • Improvement in attention span
  • Less likely to become irritable
You may be wondering how sound is able to actually improve your physical, mental and emotional issues? 

First of all, science has revealed that the human body is basically a VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY entity. Each cell in your body puts out and also accepts frequencies of sound. You can think of a sick, or damaged, cell as an “out of tune” cell.

Sound therapy has the ability identify these out of tune frequencies and when these sounds, or frequencies, are introduced back into your body, your brain then has the ability to send these “in tune”, or corrected frequencies to the damaged cells. The result is a healing, or a “tuning up” process.

Begin thinking about the TRUE CAUSE of many of today’s modern day illnesses, diseases and ailments.

Why does a cell become damaged, or “out of tune”?

While there are certainly physical and environmental causes for disease, many people are suffering today from depression, chest pains, nausea, dizziness, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, unexplained stomach pain, gas, etc.

Often, these ailments are traced straight back to stress and anxiety. We live in a busy world where schedules and deadlines cause stress.

Do you find that you’re often in a state of “worry”, rather than in a state of relaxation and calm?

Disease has a hard time surviving in a body where the cells vibrate at the frequency of calmness and inner peace. However, introduce the vibrations of stress, worry and anxiety, and we find that the body cells become “out of tune” and damaged quite easily.

Hence, the unexplained “brain fog”, stomach pains, headaches, chest pains, depression, etc! It’s unexplained because there’s no real physical cause for the negative physical feelings. It has everything to do with the “unseen” frequencies between your cells losing their ability to communicate properly.

“Sound Therapy is a very effective solution for relieving stress and anxiety. When you relieve THAT, physical ailments are also relieved.”


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