Spider Woman

As I stare into the white void. . . colours and images start showing themselves to me, some fully formed and some in their processes of becoming the form that they desire to be.

I see a giant woman, an elderly, straggly woman who appears to be at least 10,000 years old. Her hands are gently folded under her chin, one hand placed flat over the other which is resting on a big clear dome. The dome looks like a bubble, and there’s a second bubble inside of than one with space in-between. These circles are not fully formed although I imagine that their other halves lie beneath the surface of what I can only see with three eyes open. I imagine their are some roots, like the roots of a willow tree, that hang down from the underside of these dome bubbles, but I’m not certain.

The woman’s elbows angle down along the curves of the larger dome and she is looking down her nose into the empty space below. Her body position is very childlike, but her round face looks so incredibly old.

Once and a while she glances up at me, her eyes darting precisely in my direction no matter where I stand or sit in this room where the walls breathe through straw and clay – she targets me. There is light in her dark eyes, a twinkle that matches a toothy grin that tells me she knows something that I do not. It’s quite annoying actually. She never speaks! And its only her eyes that lift to meet me here, her chin stays glued to the back of her hand that is gently placed over the other which rests on the glass dome beneath her.

Her face is very wrinkled and her wiry, thick, course silver hair shoots out from her head in bolts of lightening creating a spiders web. Her aura is saturated purple, a deep deep dark purple that is beginning to engulf the voids upper sphere. And still, inside the dome is empty.

I wonder what she sees in there?

I wonder what she knows.


By Sheena J. Oliphant

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