Each Thought, A Seed

I saw a swirl of darkened seeds, rotten with diseased thought and terror just floating in space. They seemed to be gathering… like they were attracted to each other by an unseen magnetic force in like a mid-heaven between this earthly paradise and the mystical skies above. They started to gather close and swirl like a dark cloud of smoke in a clockwise direction gaining speed, which made me feel anxious, powerless and trapped. And then they just stopped. . .

Suspended in the air, in one spot they started vibrating, hovering, changing appearance and form while they spun anti-clockwise now. But not as a group, every single seed was spinning on its own, backwards. A bluish glow started to fill the room. And as if the cluster of seeds could sense my witnessing presence, they started again in a clockwise spin, all together, as one large miraculous system… a spontaneous creative intelligence.

I watched with profound relief actually, as the momentum of this spectacular thing above my bed picked up speed, spinning so fast that I could no longer make out the single seeds turned starlight. It became just one big swirling oval of glowing white-gold light, sort of like the Milky Way.

And then it disappeared.

In a sharp flash of piercing light, blinding bright as the brightest yellow, it was gone. Then there was nothing. Life had re-set itself in the fertile black void where no thing existed but potentials, potentials for new creation lest we remember each thought, a seed. ~ SJO

~ By Sheena J. Oliphant


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