A Gentle Rain

Falling asleep to the sounds of gentle rain fall last night felt like a lullaby soothing my body, mind and soul – teaching me how to wait better so as not to become tense in the “not knowing” but rather formed by the waiting and transition to the other side.

The sweetest dreams are yet to come.

I woke up to the sound of rain still gently falling on the sky lights above, and the softest yellow glow from the paint colour that trims these deep star-gazing windows that so elegantly ever-draw my eye to the overcast sky. It all just feels like God’s never-ending blanketing of soft and quiet blessings.

The softness of it all is incredibly indescribable, the tension in my back even melts away like butter, this beautiful rain!

Its really all so dreamy, as if I’ve awoke right inside the dream so sweetly promised. The visions of manifest beauty just keep on sailing in, permeating all the cells of this fluid body, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes – tingles of trusting rippling outward offering the same comfort to other writhing souls.

The day is so loving, soothing, cozy and warm that dancing in the rain seems not a choice but a dream I long ago chose happy to sing and dance in.

As Mother Earth soaks up these rain water blessings so too does my Spirit soak up this heaven sent reprieve from navigating the liminal space between what was and the next of what is still coming to be.

I feel the “not knowing” transforming my behavioural self with ease as I’m being asked to wait and just to listen.

So I’m listening now, to the hypnotic pitter pattering rain dancing on my head, inviting me into the cave where silence surrounds the answers I don’t even know the questions to.

Soon, my sweet, sweet dreaming soul. Soon the gentle rains will stop, the skies will clear and the time will come to make true the you that gets to do the next part so beautifully.


– By Sheena J. Oliphant


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