Impressionable Shapeshifter

I’ve always been intrigued and quite curious by our ability as human beings to be shapeshifters. And the idea that without self awareness it is not so much an ability we are tapping into, but rather its an automatic response, a reaction to the changing environment, energies and worlds around us that make us naturally shift our “un”consciousness and therefore our shape and form.

We sit in a meadow, we begin to feel meadowy. We hike in the mountains, we feel our solidity, strength and endurance. We look to the moon and our thoughts become inward, dream-like and romantic even… the expression on our faces soften while pondering the mysteries of the universe, the past and the vast unknown of the starry night skies. We become like the moon. And when worshiping the sun we’re ever-energized by the dance of life and aliveness of days, inspired and enthusiastic to work and to act, endlessly thinking about what to create.

And if this is true, my idea about shapeshifting, then consider the choices we make that shift us into monsters, into our darkness – as if by mistake. Remember the mirrors you choose vs. the ones you seemingly don’t; the scary movie or horror film you watch and react to, the gossip you hear or TV series you invest your time and emotions into, the dark broody music you feel and dream with or the animal you just ate… for what you impress upon your senses in fact becomes your consciousness, your shape { and fate! }.

Everything a mirror, a sensitive reflection of our soul’s impressionability and the body-mind’s fascinating malleability as we endlessly, impermanently shift and expand our consciousness thus our physical ability ~ within the unlimited, infinite space of love and covertly divine possibilities we carry as God’s shapeshifting creatures.


~ By Sheena J. Oliphant



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