Cowardly Lion

“I don’t feel supported by you.”

He said.

And I said, How much I support you and your “marvellous” causes… Ha! You know nothing of my support. My style looks and feels a little more like this…

In my heart there is applauses

– And wishes for all to be blessed in your world.

You see, I am not angry and prideful if bodies are missing at my event and magical causes, my suffering days or triumphant wins, and all my succulent successes.

If no one is there to witness and praise me, I do not throw tantrums and pout.

I felt no disappointment when you never showed up,

Nor did I delight in the idea that you would.

I felt no sadness that time you said you’d be there, nor did I feel the overjoy and excitement that you expected from me when you were.

I have the sense to understand that whether you “support” me or not, this makes no difference when it comes to how I feel about myself, cowardly lion.

There are many styles of supporting something or someone that do not fit your definition of support, the social norm, expectation and belief that I must physically show up to offer obligatory hugs and kisses to all!

My support is quiet and thoughtful, it looks a little something more like true presence;

May all beings be happy

May all beings be well

May all beings be filled with loving kindness so that they may be transported out of any place that dwells in making assumptions, casting judgments and self-centred thoughts that fog and clog the truth which was once like this;

through my thoughts and prayers

I was supporting you

all day long.


– Sheena Oliphant (Blackmore)

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