Spirit Animal Reading

Readings with Shamanic Healer, Robert Blackmore

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Individuals who know their Spirit Animal(s) as both an energetic and symbolic reference, guide and extension / expression of their unique spirit often find greater clarity and understanding around past and current experience relative to the self.

Sessions help people to manage, hone and master aspects of themselves; the energies that are already healthy, strong and supportive while also acknowledging aspects that require more attention, conscious self management or transformation. Anything out of balance that is adversely affecting one’s Life, health and relationships is addressed through the reading and symbolism of their spirit animal.

Readings acknowledge the Unique Soul and Spirit of each individual to provide healing insight, understanding, awareness and soul growth for the client.

“Those who connect with Spirit Animals not only respect the flora and fauna of the earth as equals, but they often perceive the world around them as consisting of one and the same universal energy.  This is similar to the thought which believes that man, nature and animal kind are all manifestations of The Creator.”

Receive clarity and creative solutions that can empower you to restore balance and harmony within yourself, relationships and life.

This live psychic connection typically happens via Voice Call or Phone Call, Skype and Zoom can be made possible.


Are your spirit animals compatible?
Couples Readings $120
Family Readings $50 per person

“My family just had reading and wow! It’s cool to see each other in even brighter light, fun to see the animal spirits really shine through us. An amazing experience that added more understanding, direction and light to our family. It’s incredible how Robert can see, feel and know things that we knew but that were hidden from us at the same time. I can’t wait to order a reading for my mom and friends. It was a fantastic, helpful experience.” – Valya M.