Sheena is a beautiful soul who puts her everything into what she does. When I needed to take some time for myself, her guided yoga turned into transformative healing and a journey into acceptance. She listened to me, responded to me and validated my interpretations of what my body was telling me.

When I wanted to go deeper, she walked me through a guided meditation that helped me recognize and release some very long held thoughts that were influencing me in ways I wasn’t aware of. She helped put me on a path, and I am forever grateful to her for her compassion, acceptance and encouragement.”

– Carlyn Seguin, Saskatoon

“Robert and Sheena have been pivotal in helping me reclaim my individual power on my healing journey. They have been a guiding light for me when it was needed most. The way they are able to create a safe and comfortable space made me feel at ease and fully supported. Through working with them I have been empowered, and reminded of the reservoirs of strength I innately possess. This brought tremendous personal growth and transformation in my life. Everything they do is done with great power and intention. I am grateful to have found such compassionate people on my healing journey.”

– Kim Derkach, Saskatoon

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sheena over the past ten+ years. She is the kind of therapist that not only listens to the words you speak but also listens to your body as well. Along with massage, she incorporates aromatherapy, reflexology and so many other amazing things gifted to you in your session. She truly understands the female body, mind, and soul. Every time I leave after a massage I can’t even begin to describe how great my body and state of mind are feeling. This lovely energy carries with me throughout the day. You absolutely feel aligned with body, mind and heart after a treatment with Sheena. Thank you so much for all the help and hope you have given me.”

– Michelle Farmer, Dental Higenist, Saskatoon

“When I first went to see Robert I had absolutely no idea what his sessions were about, but that people just seem drawn to him. Anyone I knew who went to see him always had nothing but good things to say. So I went in with an open mind and was totally blown away by my experience. Robert has helped me with several issues and has always left me with a more open and intriguing way of looking at things. He has shown me possibilities I never even could have dreamed. Roberts huge loving heart, giving personality and openness come across very strongly in his work. I highly recommend anyone to have a session with Robert.”

– Brenda McCann-Stewarts, Vancouver B.C.

“I see Sheena and Robert for Body and Sound Massage treatments. They are both gifted and intuitive healers. The combination treatments of singing bowls and ayurvedic massage provides for amazing relaxation and is helping me work towards more inner peace. From the moment I enter into the therapy room, I am able to focus on the present and “be in the moment.” I would highly recommend both Sheena and Robert. The experience is beautiful and like none other.” 

– Chatelle, Speech Therapist, Saskatoon 

“Awesome experience of sound healing and past life exploration. Every cell of the body was delightfully massaged by the singing bowl vibration and felt like the mind body and soul had a reset. Thanks Robert! I will return!”

– Jane Hutch, Business Owner, Saskatoon

“Booking a session with Sheena is truly an act of self-love. Not only does my body benefit, but I always leave feeling more emotionally balanced too. Her intuition and commitment to healing mind, body and soul is evident in each visit. I love seeing Sheena and I know you will too!”

– Kelsey Olson, Anthropologist, Saskatoon

“I am so thankful and grateful for meeting Robert. I have severe nerve damage from failed lumbar surgeries and Degenerative Disc Disease and have had to walk with a cane for two years. During his Sound Bowl Healing I experienced intense pain throughout my hip, leg and foot, but knew I needed to just breathe through it and let the healing happen. And healing happened! The very next morning when I got out of bed, my pain had lessened so much that I am now able to walk without my cane!”

– Krista Ruckaber, Carlyle Sk.

“I have had incredible experiences with Robert‘s sessions. He has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every session, a new experience! I had suffered chronic pain for over 30 years. Doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and gave me pharmaceuticals to ease the pain. After my last session with Robert I can now say that I am FREE of chronic pain! No more medication to help me through the days and nights. Robert has helped me connect with my spiritual guides and helped me make sense of all that I see and feel. Words could never express my gratitude for all that Robert has done for me.”

– Rita Styles, Hanna Alberta

“I was unsure of what to expect when I first went to Robert but was quickly amazed by his gifts. The reading brought some points home to my heart and as things shifted I was able to make some long needed and awaited changes. I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again or to recommend him to anyone needing healing and direction.”

– Lori Ries, Teacher, Eston SK.

“Ayurvedic Massage with Sheena is one of the best things I do for my health.  It is profoundly healing and rejuvenating for my body, mind, and spirit.  Sheena is deeply intuitive and a great listener – she listens to my words, to what my body is ‘saying’ it needs, and to my overall state.  She always seems to know just what to work on.

She has a wide array of techniques and tools, such as aromatherapy oils, that she uses.  One of the things I love is that it’s never the same experience twice!  I always leave feeling extremely relaxed and more whole, and the effects usually last for weeks if not months!  I strongly recommend a treatment with Sheena…it is absolutely amazing!!”

– Erin Ellis, Homeopath, Saskatoon

“My treatment with Robert was indescribable; his technique was nothing I had experienced before. The process was very relaxing for me and the insights from Robert following the session really helped to bring closure and a better understanding of why I am the way that I am. I highly recommend!”

– Michele Heath, Yoga Instructor, Kindersley Sk.

“Met Sheena and Robert today, amazing people! Received the sound and body treatment and left feeling better in touch with my inner and outer self. Truly magical experience!”

– Brandi Heskin, Norquay Sk.

“Sheena is a beautiful, caring soul and I felt an instant connection and comfort with her. Sheena has a gift of intuition and connection that is truly authentic and allows her to really sense what your body needs, her presence is calming and her treatments are incredibly effective.

The Ayurvedic massage is an experience that allows you to let go bringing calm to the body and mind, leaving you feeling weightless, fully released, rejuvenated and with a sense of clarity.”

– Kelsey, Geologist, Saskatoon

“Robert and Sheena are absolutely incredible souls that I have had the pleasure of receiving amazing sessions from. They assist in letting go of everything no longer serving your highest good, nurturing your body and soul. I can’t wait to get back on their table for another session.”

– Liz Bohnert, Weyburn Sk.

“Sheena and Robert are two lovely people, full of good energy and a lot of insight. Sheena’s Ayurvedic massage is simply wonderful, a mix of stretching and relaxing that transports you away. The singing of Robert’s bolws penetrate deep within our souls waking up and bringing our unconscious to us. I would say there is a lot of magic in both of them, super sensitive people. I love them both and recommend everyone to have a holistic experience with them.”

– Yara Ledru, Artist, Saskatoon

“I’ve had three sessions with Robert. I started meditating about six or seven years ago which has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I met Robert about two and a half years ago. Our first session together was so powerful for me.

It was the first meditation I experienced with Singing Bowls bringing me into meditation deeper than I’d ever experienced. I had visions, past life experience and spirit animal messages all explained to me by Robert even though I didn’t tell him what I just had experienced in my meditation. How did he see what I saw?

I had never really thought of my own past life before or a spirt animal for me, so this was so cool. I was able to deepen my insight and meditations after this amazing experience and to heal and understand myself at another level. Each session with Robert takes me to the next level of my journey and I am so grateful for this adventure. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

– Lynne Hengen, CCA, Wawota Memorial Health Centre

“I have had nothing but the best experiences with Sheena and Robert. They are lovely and talented individuals and a powerful team. I’ve had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with Sheena and had several of her Ayurvedic massages; she is a great teacher and her massages are calming and therapeutic. Together, with the sound therapy that Robert provides, they provide a truly unique and regenerative experience.”

– Kristin Wigness, Geologist, Saskatoon

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a Goddess Massage Package and spiritual journey with Sheena. The Ayurvedic massages allowed my physical body to meld with the heavens cocooning my heart to allow deep awareness and release to gently come forth. It was a transformational journey of the Soul where I gained deep insight and I felt unconditionally held and seen.

Sheena embodies the beauty and grace of a flower but the wisdom and strength of a lion. I am deeply humbled to have experienced a heart as pure as hers and to have been within her beautiful, radiant light. I highly recommend any of her services. All my love All Ways to you Beautiful Soul, may you be eternally blessed!”

– Marilyn Byspalko, Saskatoon

“I attended the Past Lives Workshop with Robert at Soul Feast in Kenosee Lake! I enjoyed the teachings on past lives and the meditations immensely! It was a very calming and relaxing yet the combined energy of the group and the sounds of the bowls provided a very powerful experience! I had a very vivid journey and really appreciated Robert’s insights and and guidance!”

– Jamie Lee M, Kenosee Lake

“My 90min session with Robert allowed me to feel both connection and disconnection. About half-way through I literally felt my spiritual body lift free from my physical body. It was as if I was looking at myself outside of myself, freeing me from any limitations. And if you’re not ready for that kind of experience, just relax and breathe in the soothing beats and vibrations of the sound therapy and singing bowls.”

– Crystal Reich, Associate Publisher, Saskatoon

“The first time I met Robert I instantly felt a connection. His presence alone is very peaceful. I can’t speak highly enough about his sessions. They heal you in ways you didn’t know needed healing. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know him and his soul is captivating, you just want to know more and be with him more. I wish I lived in the city. Robert… thanks.”

– Leanne Hartman, Tisdale

“My Shamanic Healing Treatment… I went into my appointment sceptical and not knowing what to expect! I knew our paths were meant to cross so I was optimistic. The hour and a half appointment was one of the most relaxing, energizing, clearing and educational experiences I have had. I learnt about chakra clearing, what area’s are strong and what to improve and notice.

Robert educated me on my Aura and light body, strengthened it and helped with alignment. He shares messages from guides and my higher self, that resonated with me. He shared what my strengths are cleared and moved energy, and highlighted areas I could look out for and work on.

The Sound Therapy was so peaceful and the use of crystals fascinating to experience and enlightening. The Intuitive guidance that Robert shared was enriching, profound and accurate. When Robert was done, the information and accuracy of who I believe I am the personality traits I express, he nailed it. I am forever grateful and changed from our appointment. Looking forward to the next.”

– Shannon Elaschuck, Eston Sk.

“More than massage. Sheena takes you on a journey, literally, with her guided meditation. “Acknowledge and release the things that no longer serve you”. Simple but powerful. You feel strong and vulnerable all at the same time. Not to mention all of the wonderful physical effects and benefits you receive. All of your senses are awakened. So glad I found you Sheena! xox”

– Crystal Reich, Saskatoon

“Robert is an amazing soul, who has always remembered the beautiful gift that he came to this Earth with. He has shared it with me in many sessions, that have guided me into so many ways of me healing myself. His genuine natural abilities touches one to their inner being – helping one understand much about themselves that they didn’t before.”

– Lorna Daniels, Hardisty Alberta

“I absolutely love Ayurvedic Massage with Sheena! It’s a whole body massage but so much more…Sheena has gifts of intuition, healing touch, and loving presence. I always feel so much more relaxed and in tune with my body after treatment and I smell delicious thanks to her custom blended oils from India. Highly recommend!”

– Susan Busse, Publicist, Saskatoon

“Roberts gentle nature combined with his skills in energy medicines made my treatment both healing and balancing. He was also able to give me insight into past and present energies, along knowledge to carry forward for healing and growth. I highly recommend Roberts sessions they are truly healing. Thank you and blessings.”

– Julie Anne, Interior Design, Saskatoon

“My body really responds to Sheena‘s touch. Best massage ever, and I have had many!”

– Dianne Deptuck, Saskatoon

“Small but mighty! Although she is strong and can offer a deep massage Sheena listens to you and your body to make the treatment specifically for you!! Sheena is a great massage therapist that makes you feel well taken care of during the time there.”

– Teagan Knudsen, Aesthetician, Saskatoon SK.

“I thoroughly enjoy all my sessions with Sheena! Booking with her through email is so easy and accommodating. The moment I arrive I feel relaxed and encouraged to be exactly as I am. It easy to be honest and open with Sheena about what I am feeling both physically and mentally. And she does not skimp on essential oils! I feel like a goddess when I leave her place!!”

– Haley Manson, Nurse, Saskatoon

“A few of us got to witness an amazing and beautiful Odissi Dance Performance yesterday that Sheena presented for us, omgosh it was absolutely stunning and powerful. Robert first did his incredible Tibetan Bowl Meditation for us (so beautiful!) and then Sheena presented her Devotional Ganesha dance….Wow…just wow….just wow! This is a must-see if she ever comes back to do it again! It takes 3 hours for her to prepare to do this. The passion and devotion that she puts into this sacred dance was so beautiful and elegant. Thank you both so much, I hope you’ll be back to do this again so more can witness what we did!” 

– Kenosee Lake Sk. Community